D Burke Mechanical Corp. History, and Family History in The Piping Business.

D Burke Mechanical Corp. (DBMC) started in 1992 five years after Pat Burke Sr passing at age 57.

Dan spent 3 years at two different colleges before joining the Pipefitter Apprenticeship and working for his father Pat Burke Sr at PR Burke Corp. in 1981.

PR Burke Corp was Pat’s second company, the first was Burke Mechanical Corp, with offices in Orange CA, Bend OR, and Orlando FL. Burke Mechanical grew from David Burke – Pat’s Dad, and his small plumbing business in Garden Grove CA to Burke Mechanical, with over 150 employees in three states, most of the mechanical work at Disneyland, and Disneyworld among other large projects was done by Burke Mechanical.

In the mid 70’s Pat sold Burke Mechanical to Fischbach and Moore who later acquired Natkin Company who, at the time was the one of the largest mechanical contractors in the country.

 Many of the pipefitters and welders ended up retiring from DBMC that had worked for Pat, and one or two Dan reported to when working summer vacations at the shop in his teens.